Nostalgic Retro Candy Buffet: McCormicks’ Top 10 Candies

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Remember the days when a visit to the candy store was a thrilling adventure, and the sugary delights made our hearts skip a beat? One name that has been synonymous with mouthwatering candies for generations is McCormicks. From the delightful marshmallow banana to the chewy gummy sharks, McCormicks has brought joy to candy enthusiasts worldwide.

In this blog, we will take a stroll down memory lane and explore McCormicks’ top 12 candies that continue to evoke nostalgic feelings in both young and old.


Top 12 McCormicks’ Candies

Here are the top 12 McCormicks retro candies that’ll give you that nostalgic feeling you never knew you were missing.

1.      McCormicks Marshmallow Banana

1 kg | 2.2 Lb

Our journey to the nostalgic candy buffet begins with the beloved McCormicks Marshmallow Banana. Bursting with the sweet flavor of ripe bananas, these soft and fluffy marshmallows are a true delight for anyone with a sweet tooth. Whether enjoyed on their own or as a playful addition to desserts, these banana marshmallows hold a special place in candy enthusiasts' hearts.

2. McCormicks Blue Whales 300 pieces


1.8 Kg | 3.96 Lbs 

Next up, we dive into the ocean of flavor with McCormicks Blue Whales. These captivating blue gummies are shaped like adorable whales and come in a variety of fruity flavors. The chewy texture and enchanting taste make them a favorite among candy lovers of all ages. Add them to your candy buffet, and watch as they disappear like a school of whales in the sea.

3. McCormicks Spearmint Leaves


For those who prefer a refreshing twist to their candy experience, McCormicks Spearmint Leaves are an excellent choice. Shaped like green leaves and infused with the invigorating taste of spearmint, these candies offer a delightful combination of sweetness and coolness. Enjoy them after a meal or during a hot summer day for a burst of minty freshness.

4. McCormicks Marshmallow Strawberries


800 g 

Continuing our journey, we encounter the McCormicks Marshmallow Strawberries. With their vibrant red color and delectable strawberry flavor, these marshmallows bring back memories of carefree summers and sunny picnics. Whether enjoyed on their own or added to hot chocolate, they are sure to make your taste buds dance with joy.

5. McCormicks Cherry Twist

1.8 kg | 3.96 lbs 


If you're a fan of classic cherry-flavored candies, McCormicks Cherry Twist will steal your heart. These twisted red candies boast an intense cherry taste that lingers on the palate, leaving you craving for more. Fill up your candy jar with these delightful treats, and watch as they become an instant hit among your family and friends.

6. McCormicks Dinosaurs 300 pieces  

1.8 Kg | 3.96 Lbs 

Get ready to embark on a prehistoric candy adventure with McCormicks Dinosaurs. These colorful and fun-shaped gummies take the form of adorable dinosaurs and come in an assortment of flavors. The playful design and scrumptious taste make them a must-have for themed parties and a delightful addition to any candy buffet.

7. McCormicks Gummy Unicorns Bulk Candy

1 Kg | 2.2 Lbs


Unicorns have always been a symbol of magic and wonder, and McCormicks brings that enchantment to life with their Gummy Unicorns. These pastel-colored gummies capture the imagination with their unicorn shapes and irresistible fruity flavors. Indulge in the magic of these mythical creatures and let your taste buds take flight.

8. McCormicks Gummy Sharks Bulk Candy

1 Kg | 2.2 Lbs


For those who love a thrilling candy experience, McCormicks Gummy Sharks are a perfect choice. Shaped like fearsome sharks and infused with a medley of fruity flavors, these gummies are a true adventure for the taste buds. Host a pool party or beach-themed gathering and let these gummy sharks be the star of the show.

9. McCormicks Gummy Puzzle Bulk Candy

2.5 kg | 5.5 LBS


Let the fun and games begin with McCormicks Gummy Puzzle. These delightful candies come in various shapes that fit together like puzzle pieces, inspiring playfulness and creativity. With their vibrant colors and delicious taste, they are sure to be a hit at children's parties and a delightful treat for puzzle enthusiasts.

10. McCormicks Fruit Splash Gummy Candy

2.5 kg | 5.5 Lbs


Dive into a burst of fruity flavors with McCormicks Fruit Splash Gummy Candy. These colorful gummies offer an explosion of tastes, from zesty citrus to luscious berries. Share the joy of these fruity treats with friends and family, and let the flavors transport you back to carefree summer days.


The world of McCormicks candies is a place of wonder, sweetness, and nostalgia. From the iconic Marshmallow Banana to the adventurous Gummy Sharks, each candy brings a unique experience that delights the senses and warms the heart. Whether you're organizing a candy buffet, hosting a themed party, or simply craving a taste of the past, McCormicks’ top 12 candies are sure to leave you with a smile on your face and a heart full of cherished memories.


Are McCormicks Candies Suitable for Vegetarians?

Some McCormicks candies are vegetarian-friendly as they do not contain any gelatin or animal-derived ingredients. However the Mccormicks  'gummy' candy contain gelatin. 

Can I Buy McCormicks Candies in Bulk for Events?

Absolutely! McCormicks candies are available in bulk, making them perfect for events, parties, and candy buffets.

Are McCormicks Candies Gluten-Free?

Most McCormicks candies are gluten-free; however, it's always advisable to check the packaging for specific product information.

Do McCormicks Candies Contain Artificial Colors or Flavors?

No, McCormicks candies are free from artificial colors and flavors, ensuring a natural and authentic taste.

Where can I Purchase McCormicks Candies?

You can get your hands on McCormicks candies through their official website or various retail stores both online and offline.

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