Retro Candy

Old Fashioned, Retro & Nostalgic Candy

Create a Retro Candy Buffet

Bring back sweet memories with a fresh bag of assorted salt water taffy, some old fashioned rock candy or a gourmet lollipops in your favorite flavors. Also choose from our assortment of retro and nostalgic candy, including old fashioned sanded hard candies from Claeys.  Check out some of our cool additions. We now offer nostalgic candy favorites like Licorice Pipes, Cow Tales, Fruity Candy Sticks, Abba Zaba, Slo-Pokes, Hershey's Chocolate, Black Cow and so much more. 

Retro Bulk Candy 

Perfect for Any Event. If you are planning a get together then consider a creating a retro bulk candy table or buffet. Delicious candy from Allan candy as well as McCormick Candy are some the most famous Canadian bulk candy flavors in the world. 
Famous Canadian Flavors Include: Spearmint Leaves, Marshmallow and Strawberry Bananas, Licorice Babies. Big Feet. Hot Lips, Creamy Caramels, Blue Whales and Dionsaurs. Also, we cannot forget about gummy bears and gummy worms. These are the same candies that you used to buy from the corner store back in the day for a nickel.