Claeys Old Fashioned Cinnamon Candy 3/170g Bags

  • $11.97

Claeys Old Fashioned Cinnamon Candy 3/170 g Bags

Cinnamon is everyone’s favorite nostalgic flavor. It’s the taste of childhood for more mature candy connoisseurs and a gateway into the more sophisticated candy world for budding candy lovers.

Old-fashioned Hard Cinnamon Candy

Naturally then, Claey’s, candy experts since 1919, have perfected the flavor by maintaining its warm, vintage roots while using modern-day practices to truly bring out the best of Cinnamon for a rich yet sharp treat experience like no other. They’ve also managed to condense all of that into small, suckable, long-lasting hard sweets that they’ve graciously piled into their delightfully old-school-cool packages that look oh-so quaint and charming on candy store shelves.

Be sure to stock up for the fall and festive season when everyone’s looking to indulge in this heart-warming flavor in any way possible!

Weight: 170g 
Vendor: Claeys Candy
Product of USA
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