Nancy's Fudge Wholesale


Nancy’s Fudge Cups and cubes are a perfect impulse item on the counter in almost any retail outlet. Fudge cubes which are 1.25 oz (35g) are the perfect grab and go size. Two bites and your done before you are even getting out of the parking lot. The 3 oz (85g) fudge cups are perfect for sharing, gift giving or in gift baskets. Each piece is cleverly overwrapped, labeled and ready for resale.

Look Great on the Counter


Our fudge cups and fudge pieces are displayed in a well thought out nostalgic checkerboard box design which only enhances the homemade goodness that Nancy’s Fudge is famous for. Taste great and looks absolutely amazing on the counter. Your customers will be amazed.

Seven Amazing Flavours:

Each display box has an eight-flavour pre-assortment, giving you more of the top selling pieces. Variety includes Peanut Butter Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Chocolate Pecan, Maple Nut and Butter Pecan  

Customers are:

A perfect fit for almost any retail stores including: Farm Markets, Pharmacies, restaurants, gourmet stores, Grocers, Gas Bars, Candy Stores, Convenience stores, Specialty stores, Kiosk and more. Next to the cash register, on the desert cart, in gift baskets or in the gourmet section, Nancy’s Fudge is sure to please. Also, Consider Nancy’s Fudge Cubes (pieces) as part of any wedding buffet, or apart of your candy table. 



Contact us if you are interested in adding Nancy’s Fudge to your retail or gift shops. Our wholesale pricing will insure excellent profit potential.  


There is no minimum order in Ontario, however there is free shipping on order of four boxes or more in Ontario. Fifteen-dollar delivery charge on orders that are Less than four boxes.

Community: (since 2023)              

Five dollars from the sale of every box of Nancy’s Fudge Cups or Cubes will be donated to charities in local communities.  Here at Nancy’s Fudge and its parent company Popular Brands Inc. are committed to helping those struggling with Alzheimer’s, Mental health issues and homelessness. We will be updating our progress on our facebook page.


Wholesale Salt Water Taffy Ontario Canada 

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Wholesale Claeys Old Fashioned Candy 

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Bulk Candies Wholesale Ontario Canada

Looking for a bulk candy supplier? You are on the right page. We carry a large selection of bulk in 5 lb bags. You don't have to buy the 20 lb case. We also have an ample selection of halal gummy candy as well as Canadian favorites like spearmint leave, marshmallow and strawberry bananas. Shipped to you fresh  anywhere in Ontario. 

We have an excellent wholesale program for gift stores, candy stores, farm market, grocers, wedding planners, convenience stores, gas bars and other retail stores. Free shipping in Ontario with a minimum order.  

Contact us for a wholesale catalog. We would love to hear from you.