F.A.Q | Shipping Information

Q) Can I choose the flavors of fudge that come in a box?

A) Sorry but I have to say no. The fudge come already pre assorted, however we have more of the most popular flavors.

Q) What is the expiry on fudge?

A) The Expire date is about three months. Each piece is securely wrapped and will stay fresh until you want to eat it. We receive fudge every week or two, so you are guaranteed fresh fudge. BTW, our chocolate covered pretzels have an expiry of 8 months. But they never last that long.

Q) How long does it take to receive an order?

A) We use Canada Post to ship. You have the option to choose (at check-out) how you want your shipped. Usually it takes 3-5 days in Ontario and Quebec and a day or two longer to British Columbia, Alberta and the Prairies as well as the Maritime Provinces. We offer free shipping on orders over $99.00 in Canada.

Q) Do you send fudge to the United States?

A) We do! If you live in the USA and you place an order on our website, you should receive it in about 6 days. We welcome all our American customers.

Q) Do you ship fudge and chocolate during the summer?

A) We do. But we are not responsible for any damage to chocolate caused by heat. We can ice pack your order at extra cost. You could also wait until the weather cools down. Chocolate and fudge doesn’t do well in temperature greater than 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 22 Celsius.

Q) I have a retail store. Do you sell fudge and Candy Wholesale?

A) We absolutely do. Wholesale is a big portion of our business. We offer an excellent wholesale program for almost any retail stores. We even a program for stores jobbers and distributors.

Q) How many pieces of taffy in a one-pound bag?

A) There are approximately 62 pieces of salt water taffy per one-pound bag also (FYI) there are about 65 gummy ring per pound. Just letting you know for trivia purposes.