Dive into a World of Sweet Delights: The Ultimate Guide to Kervan Gummy Candy

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Sweet, chewy, and irresistible – gummy candies hold a special place in the hearts of candy lovers everywhere. From the classic gummy bears to exotic flavors and shapes, there's a gummy candy for everyone. In this blog post, we'll take you on a tantalizing journey through a diverse selection of Kervan gummy candies that promise to satisfy your sweet cravings.

The Best Kervan Gummy Candies

Whether you're planning a party, looking for unique treats, or simply indulging your sweet tooth, these gummy candies from Kervan and more have got you covered.

  1. Kervan Gummy Peach Rings - 5 lbs - Halal 


We start our journey with the delectable Kervan Gummy Peach Rings. These iconic candies feature a tantalizing blend of peach flavor and chewy texture. Whether you enjoy them on their own or as a topping for desserts, these halal-certified treats are a peachy delight worth savoring.

  1. Kervan Cherry Rings - 5 lbs - Halal 


Next up are the Kervan Cherry Rings. Bursting with the sweet and tangy taste of cherries, these gummy rings offer a delightful snacking experience. The halal certification ensures that everyone can enjoy these delicious cherry treats.

  1. Gummy Red Lobsters - 5 lbs - Halal 


Dive into the sea of flavor with Gummy Red Lobsters. These intricately detailed gummy candies not only look adorable but also deliver a burst of fruity sweetness. The halal certification makes them a safe and tasty choice for all candy enthusiasts.

  1. Gummy Sharks - 5 lbs - Halal 


Make a splash with Gummy Sharks! These shark-shaped gummies are perfect for ocean-themed parties or simply satisfying your candy cravings. The halal certification ensures that everyone can enjoy the adventure.

  1. Kervan Licorice Laces Strawberry - Bulk 2 lbs 


For a change of pace, indulge in Kervan Licorice Laces Strawberry. These strawberry-flavored licorice laces offer a unique twist on traditional gummy candies. With 2 lbs of laces in one pack, you'll have plenty to share or savor on your own.

  1. Kervan Gummy Cola Bottles - Bulk 5 lbs 


Step back in time with the nostalgic taste of Kervan Gummy Cola Bottles. These cola-flavored gummies capture the essence of your favorite soda in candy form. At 5 lbs per pack, you'll have an ample supply for parties or personal enjoyment.

  1. Kervan Sour Neon Gummy Worms - 5 lbs - Halal 


For those who crave a tangy twist, Kervan Sour Neon Gummy Worms are a must-try. These colorful and sour gummy worms pack a punch of flavor that's balanced by a chewy, sweet center. The halal certification ensures a guilt-free snacking experience.

  1. Gummy Worms - 5 lbs - Halal 


The classic Gummy Worms are a timeless favorite for a reason. These multi-colored, fruity gummy worms offer a symphony of flavors in every bite. Whether you like them by the handful or one at a time, they're a crowd-pleaser.

  1. Gummy Strawberry Cake - 5 lbs - Halal 


Indulge your taste buds in the delightful Gummy Strawberry Cake. These cake-shaped gummies are bursting with strawberry goodness. With 5 lbs of candy per pack, they're perfect for sharing at celebrations or enjoying as a sweet treat.

  1. Foam Bottom Strawberry - 5 lbs - Halal 


Foam Bottom Strawberry candies are a unique addition to our gummy candy journey. These candies offer a soft and chewy strawberry-flavored top with a foamy bottom, creating a delightful contrast in textures. The halal certification ensures that these candies meet your dietary preferences.

  1. Assorted Gummy Sharks - 5 lbs - Halal 


If you loved the Gummy Sharks, you'll appreciate the variety that Assorted Gummy Sharks bring to the table. This pack includes an assortment of shark-shaped gummies in various flavors, making it an exciting choice for candy enthusiasts.

  1. Gummy Apple Rings - 5 lbs - Halal 


Take a bite out of Gummy Apple Rings, a fruity and fun gummy candy. These ring-shaped treats offer the crisp and juicy taste of apples in a chewy form. With the halal certification, they're a delightful option for everyone.

  1. Gummy Ice Cream Cones - 5 lbs - Halal



For a whimsical treat, try the Gummy Ice Cream Cones. These cone-shaped gummies mimic the joy of enjoying an ice cream cone on a sunny day. The halal certification ensures that your sweet moments are worry-free.

  1. Gummy Watermelon Rings - 5 lbs 


Enjoy a taste of summer with Gummy Watermelon Rings. These ring-shaped gummies capture the refreshing flavor of watermelons, making them a perfect summertime snack or party treat.

  1. Kervan Gummy Dinosaurs - 5 lbs - Halal 


Travel back in time with Kervan Gummy Dinosaurs. These dino-shaped gummies are a playful and delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth. The halal certification makes them a great choice for all ages.

  1. Kervan Watermelon Slices Bulk Candy_5lbs

For more watermelon goodness, try Kervan Watermelon Slices. These slice-shaped gummies offer a burst of juicy watermelon flavor in every bite. The bulk packaging ensures you have plenty to enjoy.

  1. Kervan Sour Cola Bottles - 5 lbs - Halal 


If you enjoy a tangy twist to your cola-flavored candies, Kervan Sour Cola Bottles are the answer. These sour gummies combine the classic cola taste with a sour kick. The halal certification makes them suitable for all candy lovers.

  1. Kervan Licorice Laces Grape Bulk - 2 lbs 


Expand your licorice horizons with Kervan Licorice Laces Grape. These grape-flavored licorice laces offer a fruity and chewy alternative to traditional gummy candies. The bulk packaging ensures you have an ample supply for snacking.

  1. Gummy Bananas - 5 lbs - Halal - $22.50

For a tropical twist, savor the Gummy Bananas. These banana-shaped gummies capture the sweet and creamy taste of ripe bananas. The halal certification ensures that everyone can enjoy these tropical treats.

  1. Sour Gummy Worms - 5 lbs - Halal - $22.50

If you crave a blend of sour and sweet, Sour Gummy Worms are a go-to choice. These tangy gummy worms offer an exciting flavor combination that's sure to awaken your taste buds.

  1. Peachy Penguins - 5 lbs - Halal - $24.99

Enter a world of whimsy with Peachy Penguins. These penguin-shaped gummies combine the deliciousness of peaches with playful shapes. The halal certification ensures that these candies are suitable for a variety of dietary preferences.

  1. Blue Raspberry Rings - 5 lbs - Halal - $24.50

For a vibrant burst of blue raspberry flavor, try the Blue Raspberry Rings. These ring-shaped gummies are a delightful addition to your candy collection, offering a sweet and tangy experience.

  1. Gummy Bears - 5 lbs - Halal - $22.50

Last but certainly not least, we have the beloved Gummy Bears. These iconic gummies come in an array of flavors, colors, and chewy textures. They're a timeless classic and a staple in the world of gummy candies.


From sweet and fruity to tangy and sour, the world of halal gummy candy is a diverse and delicious one. The selections from Kervan and more offer an array of flavors, shapes, and textures to satisfy every palate. Whether you're planning a special event, looking for a unique gift, or simply craving a sweet treat, these halal gummy candies are sure to bring joy to your taste buds. Explore the variety, share with friends and family, and indulge in the world of gummy goodness.

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