A Sweet and Sour Extravaganza: Exploring a Unique Collection of Tub Confections

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Candy lovers, get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey through an assortment of delectable treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings and introduce you to some unique flavors.

In this blog post, we'll dive into a selection of delightful candies and sweets that range from classic favorites to unconventional choices. Whether you're planning a party, stocking up your candy shop, or simply looking to indulge, these products are sure to add a burst of sweetness and excitement to your life.

What are the 12 Best Tub Candy Collections?

From Rock Candy on a Stick to Dark and Milk Chocolate Pretzel Rods, explore the best of the Tub candy collections.

  1. Rock Candy On A Stick 36ct Tub - $69

Rock candy is a timeless classic, loved by candy enthusiasts of all ages. These crystalline sugar sticks come in an array of vibrant colors and flavors, making them a visually appealing treat and a fun addition to any event. With 36 sticks in a tub, you'll have enough to share with friends and family, or you can savor them at your own pace. At just $69 for the tub, this is an affordable way to add a touch of elegance to your candy collection.

  1. Sour Punch Twist in a Tub 180 CT - $3599

If you're a fan of sour candies, the Sour Punch Twist in a Tub is a must-try. With a whopping 180 pieces per container, this product offers an abundance of tangy and fruity goodness. Each twist packs a punch of sour flavor that gradually gives way to a sweet finish, making it an exciting treat for those who crave a balance of sour and sweet. The sheer quantity and flavor explosion are worth every penny for sour candy enthusiasts.

  1. Laffy Taffy Mini Bars Assorted 145 Count - $2975

Laffy Taffy is known for its stretchy, chewy texture and jokes on each wrapper that is sure to bring a smile to your face. This assorted pack of 145 mini bars brings together a medley of fruity flavors, offering variety with every bite. Whether you enjoy classic bananas or prefer the zing of grape or cherry, there's something for everyone in this collection. It's an excellent choice for parties, Halloween, or simply satisfying your taffy cravings.

  1. Sour Jumbo Suckers 1.2 kg 60 Pieces - $2395

Sour lovers, rejoice! These Sour Jumbo Suckers are the perfect blend of tartness and sweetness. With 60 pieces in a 1.2 kg package, you'll have plenty to keep your taste buds entertained. The vibrant colors and mouth-puckering flavors are a hit with kids and adults alike. These suckers are not only delicious but also a fun way to enjoy candy on a stick.

  1. Sour Keys or Sour Suckers 1.2 kg - $2390

Continuing with our sour theme, the Sour Keys or Sour Suckers are another fantastic option for sour candy aficionados. These chewy and tangy candies come in a variety of fruity shapes, including keys and suckers. With 1.2 kg of candy in one package, you'll have plenty to share with friends and family or stash away for your personal snacking pleasure. At $2390, this candy offers a budget-friendly way to keep your sour cravings satisfied.

  1. Assorted Chocolate Covered Pretzels 36/26g - $69

For those who crave the perfect combination of sweet and salty, look no further than these Assorted Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Each 36-pack features individually wrapped pretzel rods generously coated in creamy milk or white chocolate. The contrast between the salty pretzel and the sweet chocolate creates a delightful flavor harmony. Priced at $69 for the entire pack, these pretzels are a luxurious treat for special occasions or for elevating your snack game.

  1. Koala Livewires Blue Raspberry 1.2 Kg - $2449

The Koala Livewires Blue Raspberry candies are a unique and delightful addition to our candy lineup. These chewy, blue raspberry-flavored pieces are shaped like cute koalas, adding a playful element to your snacking experience. With 1.2 kg of candy in each package, you'll have a generous supply to enjoy. This candy offers a fantastic blend of flavor and fun that's sure to appeal to candy enthusiasts of all ages.

  1. Koala Livewires Strawberry 1.2 Kg - $2495

If strawberry is your preferred flavor, the Koala Livewires Strawberry candies are a perfect choice. Similar to the blue raspberry version, these candies feature a chewy texture and adorable koala shapes, making them a charming addition to any candy collection. With 1.2 kg of candy in each package, you'll have plenty to savor or share. The strawberry Koala Livewires provide a fruity and fun candy experience.

  1. Airheads Rainbow Belts 200 Pieces 1.6 kg - $2495

Airheads Rainbow Belts are a candy lover's dream come true. These colorful and chewy belts are packed with a variety of fruity flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. With a generous 200 pieces in a 1.6 kg package, you'll have an abundance of rainbow-colored goodness to enjoy. This product offers incredible value for those who adore the chewy and tangy delight of Airheads candy.

  1. Milk and White Chocolate Graham Crackers - $1975

Chocolate lovers, unite! These Milk and White Chocolate Graham Crackers offer the perfect blend of rich chocolate and crispy graham cracker goodness. Each pack contains individually wrapped pieces, making them a convenient and shareable treat. Whether you're enjoying them as a snack or using them in s'mores, these graham crackers are a delightful addition to your chocolate repertoire.

  1. Dark and Milk Chocolate Pretzel Rods 36/26g - $64

Last but not least, we have the Dark and Milk Chocolate Pretzel Rods. These elegant treats feature a perfect fusion of salty pretzel and smooth chocolate, available in both dark and milk chocolate varieties. With 36 rods in a pack, they make for an excellent choice for upscale events or as a sophisticated snack option. These chocolate pretzel rods are a luxurious indulgence for those with refined taste buds.


In this candy extravaganza, we've explored a diverse range of sweet and sour delights that cater to every palate. From classic rock candy and taffy to unique Koala Livewires and indulgent chocolate-covered pretzels, these products offer something for everyone. While prices may vary, the quality and quantity of these candies make them a worthwhile investment for parties, events, or personal enjoyment. So, whether you're in the mood for a sweet treat or craving a burst of sourness, these candies are sure to satisfy your cravings and add a touch of sweetness to your life.

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