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When planning an important event, you want the details to be unique and memorable, while still being on trend.  You want your guests to rave about your dessert choices, not roll their eyes, or worse, gag behind their napkins. The solution to having a drool worthy tray of treats and a noteworthy party experience is fudge!

Why Fudge?

Unlike slices of cake or pie, fudge can be enjoyed in smaller quantities after a robust festivity meal. Because it packs a lot of sweet flavor people tend to eat it a bit slower and savor the melting sugary texture in their mouths. Fudge comes in an abundance of flavors and can often be customized to fit the theme of your gathering.


Can we all agree that wedding cakes cost a LOT of money? And at the end of the night, it’s got to be pretty disappointing seeing all of those half eaten pieces of cake going into the trash.  Why not try serving a small, assorted fudge plate to guests before they hit the dance floor?  It will be easier on the budget and not nearly as wasteful.

Some couples create a signature cocktail for their big day, you could have a signature fudge flavor that is meaningful to you and your beloved.  Maybe you’re headed to Jamaica on your honeymoon, so you decide on a specialty rum fudge. Or perhaps your first date was in a coffee shop, so you choose a mocha caramel fudge.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

If you’re still set on the tradition of a wedding cake, that’s ok.  You can still use fudge as a decadent wedding favor. Thrift stores are brimming with wedding shot glasses and nobody actually likes Jordan almonds, why not give your guests a taste experience they’re not soon to forget with fudge?


Picture a tiered cupcake stand, except instead of cupcakes, there’s fudge cups.  Like a peanut butter cup but made of fudge.  When you imagine this beautiful display do you think of assorted flavors? One on each layer of the dish? Or perhaps what comes to mind is a single flavor.  Maybe a white vanilla fudge with party sprinkles on top. If you choose fudge for your next birthday celebration there are lots of options for flavors and it will add an extra layer of fun to the party.

Milestone Events

When we think about life’s milestones we think about graduations, baby showers, buying your first home, getting a big promotion at work…etc we’re sometimes stumped for ideas on how to uniquely honor those occasions.  Of course, a bottle of bubbly champagne (sparkling juice for the mom to be in the case of a baby shower) is often a wonderful traditional celebratory drink, but pair that with creamy sweet fudge and take these milestones to the next level.

Gifts and Gift Baskets

There are many reasons to send out gifts and gift baskets.  Real estate agents might leave a basket of gourmet snacks in the kitchen of a house for the new buyer to enjoy. Imagine a client’s delight when they find a box of assorted fudge nestled among the fancy crackers and elegant jellies.

Fudge also makes a fantastic employee gift for the holidays. Packaged in a stylish tin or eye catching box, the whole workplace will be abuzz about the switch from department store chocolates to scrumptious pieces of fudge.


There are so many ways fudge can save the holidays for you. As mentioned above, skip the overdone box of chocolates and switch it up with fudge for your holiday gift giving.

If you find yourself in need of treats for a cookie exchange, but you haven’t had time to bake, pick up some fudge and slice it into enough pieces to satisfy your cookie exchange quote.  Nobody will ever know.

Invited to a holiday party and you don’t know what to bring? You guessed it fudge.  Arrange it on a seasonally decorated plate and watch it disappear as a crowd favorite.

Maybe Santa is growing a little tired of shortbread when he comes down the chimney and a few choice slices of flavorful fudge would give him an energy boost to carry on through the night.

Around the holidays many schools and organizations hold fundraisers. Fudge can be a great alternative to brownies or squares at a bake sale. Boxes and tins of fudge are also a great thing to sell around Christmas to help people with their Christmas shopping lists.  We all have closets of wrapping paper from holiday fundraisers, and we certainly don’t need any more. Switch to a fudge fundraiser and cut the clutter this Christmas.

Candy Buffets

One trend that’s really hot for a variety of events is candy buffets.  These confectionary smorgasbords are set up at wedding and baby showers, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversary parties, proms, corporate parties and team building events and anywhere else there is a medium to large gathering that would enjoy a variety of candy.

Of course, adding fudge to a candy buffet is a no brainer. You could have blue or pink fudge at a baby shower that is also a gender reveal. Like the signature cocktail at a wedding, you could spotlight a signature fudge flavor. For team building events what about a taste testing activity where each team gets to come up with the most creative names for the flavors presented to them?

Fudge is a Candy buffet staple.

Although fudge has been around since the 1880s, it’s never gone out of favor. There are tons of ways to customize fudge to your liking including adding flavor extracts, using nuts, other candy, cookie crumbs, and dried fruit to add flavor and texture to your fudge.  And of course, you can always stick to the most traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and maple.

When you’re considering big and small event planning we encourage you to think about adding fudge as either the main dessert, a sweet favor, a table centerpiece, or part of your dessert or candy buffet.


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