5 Awesome Reasons to Serve Fudge

Posted by Sam Hedjazi on

1) Fudge for weddings and candy buffets.

As hard as you may try to create wedding that is unique, your guest will walk away with the impression that if you’ve been to one wedding you’ve been to all. We can’t comment on attire and decor, but we can say that fudge would be a unique fit for you wedding table. Although a small token, a well displayed fudge tray would set your event apart. The right fudge will look great, taste even better and will make an excellent wedding favor. A thoughtful addition to any event.

2) Office and Corporate Event

Unlike common boxed chocolate form the drug store or dollar store, fudge is unique. Corporate recipient or employees will be impressed when they receive a box of assorted fudge. No only will they be impressed with fudge, they will be impressed with your imagination. The right box of fudge would be easy to wrap.

3) Christmas Parties

Fudge and Christmas walk hand and hand. They almost rhyme (if your tone deaf). Perfect for holiday open house or gift given. The most difficult person to buy for would be impressed with a box of fudge. Enjoy fudge with friends and family during the holiday season.

4) Stock up

Ever hit the big box store and you glance into the buggy of the shopper next to you? Almost always they will have a 36-count box of a national brand chocolate bar. The question is why waste your sweet tooth craving on a common chocolate bar that was probably made several months ago? Instead you can have a nice piece of fudge that was made, usually by hand, a few days ago. In other words, a unique piece of fudge or a mass-produced piece of “chocolate’. It all on you to decide.

5) Fudge for Fundraising

Your fundraising event can pull in some big buck with fudge. Unlike common candy bars, you can fetch a bigger donation with a piece a fudge. Create a fudge table at your charitable event and bring in a few ringers (a couple of doe eyed youngsters) and the money will start rolling in. Be sure to shop around for a fudge distributor that will offer a discount for your charity.

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