Huer Strawberry Frosty Gummy Candy 1 kg

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Huer Strawberry Frosty Candy Bottles

Unleash a sweet sense of nostalgia with the fruity explosion of Huer Strawberry Frosty Candy Bottles. This 1kg bag of candy contains tasty gummies shaped like milk bottles that will deliver a fabulous strawberry flavour paired with delightful ice cream "frosty" notes, made with honest ingredients for candy that tastes as great as it looks. These gummy white and pink bottles remind us of young love and the good old days, they’re soft to eat and melt beautifully in the mouth. Incredibly tasty, these bottle shaped sweets are always a winner with children and adults alike, making the perfect gift for any candy lover. This large bag is perfect for sharing with family and friends and when stored correctly it has a long shelf life, perfect for buying in bulk to prepare for last minute events!

  • This 1kg pack is perfect to share with friends
  • Gummy candies in strawberry ice cream flavour
  • Huer gummies never disappoint with cool unique flavours and a delicious chewy gummy texture
  • Huer Strawberry Frosty Gummy Candies designed in a milk bottle silhouette


Huer Candy
I kg

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