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Hershey's Full Size Candy Bars 14 Pack

  • $29.50

Hershey's 14 Full Size Candy Bars

What's Packed inside this Candy?

This pack is a candy lover’s dream offering a generous assortment of classic Hershey’s favorite. Each full-size candy bar is crafted with premium ingredients, ensuring a truly satisfying treat for chocolate enthusiasts for all ages. This pack has all the great full size bars. You get 4 Oh-Henry Bars, 4 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, 3 Hershey's Cookies and Crème and 3 Hershey's Milk Chocolate. 

So what are its Qualities?

Here are the qualities of Hershey’s Full Size Candy Bars that will make you beg for more!

  1. Tasty and Premium Ingredients: Made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a delicious and satisfying taste.
  2. Assorted Variety: Offers a diverse selection of classic Hershey’s candy bars. Something for everyone.
  3. Full-Size Bars: Each candy bar is generously sized, providing a substantial treat that satisfies your sweet tooth.

675 g

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