Kervan Gummy Peach Rings 5 lbs Halal

  • $29.50

Perfectly Peachy Gummy Rings

Happiness is Gummy Peach Rings. Each chewy ring of goodness is filled with the sweetest, peachiest, most juiciest flavor known to candy lovers. The soft rings are sprinkled with a dusting of sweet sugar that adds a satisfying crunch before giving way to the syrupy sweetness.

Retro Gummy Candy

As an inclusive candy that anyone can dig into, Kervan halal gummy peach rings are ideal for wedding receptions, birthday or corporate events and the list goes on. You’ll be glad you bought bulk after seeing how often the gummy peach ring bowl gets raided!

Weight: 5 lbs | 2.27 kg
Vendor: Kervan Candy  
Product of Turkey
Halal-certified (certification available.)
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