Kervan Gummy Bears Bulk Candy Halal 5 Lbs.

  • $29.75

Gummy Bears | 5 lbs | 2.27 kg | Halal

Vibrantly Assorted Gummy Bears

A little known law of the universe states that you can never have enough gummy bears. Kervan, a global leader on the candy scene, clearly knows this fact. Not only have they perfected the classic gummy bear, instilling each with their high-concentrate, highly sweet syrupy mix, but they’ve also packed their bags full of them reaching brimming status. 

So, if you’d like to fill up your cupboards, candy tables, treat bags, satisfy your own cravings and beyond, there’s no better option than good ole reliable Kervan Gummy Bears. They get the job done and keep everyone happy. 

Halal Gummy Candy 

It’s also worth mentioning that Kervan are all about inclusive candy, being one of the only confectionery vendors to offer halal gummy bears on a global scale.

Quantity: 1
Weight: 5 lbs | 2.27 kg
Vendor: Kervan Candy
Product of Turkey 
Halal-certified (certification available.)

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