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El Bubble II Bubble Gum Cigars Fruity | 36 Pack

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El Bubble Assorted Gum Cigars

El Bubble Assorted Gum Cigars are the perfect nostalgic treat guaranteed to provide a wave of sweet memories. Made from the highest quality ingredients that don’t compromise your health, featuring the deliciously sweet flavours of orange, grape and strawberry. These treats are perfect to suck or chew, whatever tastes the best! This pack features 36 assorted gum cigars each individually wrapped in their own cellophane sleeve, sealed with a paper cigar band and packaged in a colourful cigar box. These retro, unique cigars not only deliver an unexpected taste and texture but also are incredibly fun to use as both a prop and a candy. They make an exquisitely tasty gift and are perfect to share at parties or milestone events, guaranteed to provide so much fun. These nostalgic sweet treats are a big hit for all ages!

  • Available in an assortment of flavours including orange, grape and strawberry
  • A packet of 36 gum cigars, weighing 720g, each cigar is individually wrapped and packaged in a colourful cigar box
  • Perfect to give to a loved one as a fun gift or for sharing at family events
  • Each cigar tastes incredible, providing the ultimate fusion of both sweet and fruity flavouring.
Vendor: Concord Confections
36 ct. | 720g
Product of Canada

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