Claeys Old Fashioned Root Beer Candy 3/ 170 g Bags

  • $11.97

Claeys Old Fashioned Root Beer Candy 3/ 170g Bags 

A Delicious Trip down Memory Lane


Not everyone can pull off the much-loved root beer flavor and produce results that actually taste like taking the first sip from a crisp-cold, just-opened Root Beer bottle – but Claey’s can. In fact, they’ve distilled down the delicious Root Beer flavor into concentrated essence that they’ve infused into each one of their long-lasting hard sweets.


Old Fashioned Root Beer Hard Candy


These root beer sweets are then generously packed into their retro-cool packs for you to tear open and dig into! They add a quaint, vintage touch to any candy store and tend to sell fast so be sure to stock up now!


Weight: 170 grams. 
Vendor: Claeys Candy
Product of USA
But more; save more: 
3/170g Bags $10.00
24/170g Bags $59.00

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