Gerrit's Broadway On Wheels Black Licorice 150 g

  • $4.49

For The Serious Licorice Lover

Softer in texture and bold in flavor, Gerrit's broadway on wheels black licorice wheels hit that sweet spot that's the stuff of candy royalty. Appealing to all taste buds, they've packed that subtle yet rich coveted licorice flavor into a thin, strikingly place strip that's all rolled up into a delectable wheel for you to enjoy as you see fit. So unroll, take a bite, enjoy it bit by bit or share with a friend – whatever way you have it – it's sure to satisfy your cravings. 


And last but by no means least, Gerrit's Broadway On Wheels Black Licorice is an ideal asset to all candy buffets, event spreads, or just your home’s cupboards for when those licorice cravings hit.

Quantity: 1
Weight: 150g
Vendor: Gustaf’s
 Product of Europe (Holland)

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