Claeys old fashioned lemon candy drops

Claeys Old Fashioned Lemon Drops 3/170 g Bags

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Claeys Old Fashioned Lemon Drops

If you’re on the hunt for a lemon candy with just enough zest - look no further. Claeys Old Fashioned Lemon Drops pack a punch, despite their size! One for the citrus fruit lovers amongst you, indulge in a mix of hard-boiled candies, shaped as fruit segments and flavoured with invigorating, tangy lemon. Perfectly presented, these delightful sweets look as good as they taste, they are naturally flavoured with the finest California lemons, using pure, natural flavours, the old-fashioned way. These quality candies are perfect as a treat and will also naturally relieve dryness and sooth your throat. This bundle includes 170g bags of candy is guaranteed to bring back memories of your childhood and is great to share with friends and family. Discover Claeys Old Fashioned Lemon Drops and indulge in a retro delight that provides a sweet sense of nostalgia.

  • Made from pure, natural flavours and California lemons for extraordinary zest
  • Each pack contains 170g of candy
  • Hard boiled candies in lemon flavour
  • Indulge in a nostalgic delight and share with others for the ultimate treat

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