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Salt water taffy is always a hit at any function. Now you can save when you buy in bulk. Our 5-pound bags come in over 25 flavors. Made by world famous Taffy Town. Guaranteed delicious and whipped to the right texture. Soft and chewy!

Gummy Candies have always been popular since their invention in the 1920's. Our customers deserve the best. That’s why we only sell famous brands like  Albanese Gummy Candy, McCormicks Candy , Allan Candy, Kervan Candy and from other famous candy makers from north America and Europe. Each bag is loaded with fresh chewy gummies. The fruity aroma is irresistible when you pop open a bag. 

We also offer a complete line of Retro Canadian Candy favorites like spearmint leaves, cherry twist, licorice babies, marshmallow bananas, marshmallow strawberries, sour gummy worms and much more.

Perfect for any gathering, birthday parties or candy buffets. Remember, you always save money when you buy candy in bulk.

Contact us if you are a retailer. We offer competitive wholesale pricing, Prompt shipping across Ontario and all other provinces across Canada