Cleays Old Fashioned Licorice Candy 3/ 170 g Bags

  • $11.97

Claeys Old Fashioned Licorice Candy      3/170g Bags

Old Fashioned Candy Licorice Candy

What is it about licorice that keeps us coming back for more? Maybe it’s the indulgent softness that simply breaks off in our mouths or the rich, sumptuous flavor that’s enhanced by a light, barely perceptible sweetness. It’s the classic, timelessly delicious flavor that’s now been perfected by the classic, timelessly talented candy makers: Claey’s.

Into each of their mouth-watering hard candies, Claey’s have distilled their unique and perfected licorice flavor that tastes like happy memories with the promise of many more to come.

Nostalgic, retro-cool candy

Licorice is a top seller all year round that’s loved by old and young alike. The old-school-cool retro Claey’s packaging also makes these sweets that bit more irresistible, with the added benefit of adding vintage charm to your candy or retail store, of course.


Weight: 170 grams.
Vendor: Claeys Candy
Product of USA
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