Claeys Old Fashioned Cherry Candy 3/170 g Bags

  • $11.97

Claeys Old Fashioned Cherry Candy 3/170 g Bags

Candy Excellence Since 1919

Claeys are experts when it comes to candy that hits the right spot, hence why they’ve not only survived but thrived in the confectionery industry for over a century.

Bursting with cherry flavor

Inside their charmingly retro-cool packages, you’ll find a world of sweetness that keeps you reaching for more. Each long-lasting hard candy is perfect for holding in your mouth, savoring every last second as the fresh cherry flavor melts over your tastebuds. That said, Claey’s cherry candy can be enjoyed any way you want. The best part? They’re entirely fat-free!

So, if you’d like to taste what over 100 years of constant improvement, streamlining, and perfecting the art of candy-making tastes like – Dig in!

It’s no secret that Claey’s is loved by many and sells fast. Add the classic cherry flavor to the mix, and you have a confectionary product that flies off the shelves, disappears from candy buffets at lightning pace, and delights when received as a gift. 

Quantity: 3 Bags $10.00 -24 Bags $59.00
Weight: 170 grams. 
Vendor: Claeys Candy
Product of USA

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