Allan Peach Slices 2.5 Kg | 5.5 Lbs

  • $25.99

 Allan Peach Slices: Bursting With Flavour

Peach slices are like little hugs that embrace our cravings until they are no longer. The classic flavor delights candy-lovers, both veteran and new alike, with the juicy-fresh and oh-so-sweet flavor that keeps us coming back for more.


Allan Peach Slices Bulk Candy

Each irresistibly chewy and invitingly soft sweet is infused with a fresh and highly-concentrated peach flavor as though picked directly from the peach tree. This little delight is dusted in a blanket of taste-bud-tingling sugar for a sweet hit that's ideal for satisfying even the biggest of sweet tooths.


All of this delectable goodness is packed into a large, bulk bag that's perfect for all-family snacking, sharing, or just for delving into whenever those peachy cravings call – enjoy!


Quantity: 1
Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
Vendor: Allan Candy Company 
Product of Canada

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