McCormicks Candy

McCormicks Candy: Your Destination for Retro and Nostalgic Sweet Treats

Step into the world of sweet nostalgia with McCormicks Candy, your go-to source for retro and nostalgic bulk candy. Whether you're planning a candy buffet, a whimsical wedding favor, or simply indulging in cherished childhood memories, McCormicks Candy is the perfect choice. With a rich Canadian heritage hailing from London, Ontario, we've contributed unique flavors like Strawberry Marshmallow, Marshmallow Bananas, Licorice Babies, Spearmint Leaves, Blue Whales, Cherry Twist, and Dinosaurs to Canadian Candy Culture. For those who remember the days when McCormicks Candy was a neighborhood staple, our candy remains a true Canadian Candy Icon. Relive the sweet moments and savor the flavors with McCormicks Candy today!