Chocolate Mint (Grass Hopper) Artisan Fudge Cup 85g

  • $4.75

Chocolate Mint Artisan Fudge Cup

A timeless classic, these 85g artisan cups of finest fudge have been perfectly infused with the delicious essence of mint oil, then tempered to a glossy shine. A perfectly refreshing after dinner treat, beautifully encased in a chocolate shell and topped with refreshing mint, our Chocolate Mint Artisan Fudge Cups are the perfect dessert. With its light and creamy fudge filling, each bite is reminiscent of a sweet nostalgia, with an irresistible twist. This wonderful combination of silky smooth fudge and the finest mint is not to be missed; chill them in the fridge to replicate a classic dessert, or eat them at room-temperature straight from the pack, the choice is yours! Each chocolate is mixed, dipped and finished beautifully by hand. This classic flavour always goes down a treat and is perfect to share with loved ones.

  • 85g Chocolate Mint Artisan Fudge Cup, featuring rich chocolate fudge infused with delicious mint
  • Perfect to pass round after dinner - any day of the week
  • Lovingly designed in a chocolate shell topped with mint and filled with delicious fudge
  • Completely nostalgic and perfect for any mint lovers
Vendor: Nancy's Candy Co.
Product of USA 

Usually ships the next business day in Canada and to the USA

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