Homemade Butter Tarts Assorted Box 18 Count

  • $35.90

Homemade Butter Tarts The 

Butter tarts are perhaps the most satisfying deserts on earth. Truly a Canadian comfort food that will satisfy anyone’s taste bud. Beverly’s Butter Tarts are baked right here in Ontario and are made by hand using the finest ingredients. Each Tarts is securely wrapped and  will stay fresh until you are ready to enjoy. Beverly’s Tarts are pack with 25% more delicious filing and a crust that grandma would approve of. Average weight of 100 g makes these butter tarts 35% larger than the competition. Perfect fit for any event. Thaw and eat with 60 day freshness. Yum!

6 Pecan Tarts 110 g
6 Raisin Tarts 105 g
6 Plain Tarts 100 b
18 Tarts Per Box

Butter Tarts are perfect for candy tables, candy buffets or any event. 

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